Monday, March 31, 2014

A Brief Introduction

I’m just your average leggings wearing, Starbucks drinking, Nutella loving basic twenty-something white girl. My sole purpose for this is to share my insights with those who care to read my ramblings. It may help someone, someday, and that's what truly matters. I only seek to spread the word of Christ in a way that is comprehensible, exciting, and applicable to today's society.

I don't seek to convert, preach, judge, or shove my faith down your throat. I only seek to offer help and insight from a Biblical standpoint. So, before you click that back button, try simply skimming what I have to say. If anything the Bible is a good moral handbook that is still relevant.

I base all entries on my own personal struggles. I want others to know they aren't alone as well to remind myself that I'm not either. The Scripture can seem outdated and old and irrelevant, but the Word is alive. I simply want to share my desire for the Bible and everything it can teach us with others. I hope you find whatever you are looking for, and I hope that Christ can help you the way he has me.

I welcome any and all questions, no matter the context. I welcome opposition, encouragement, and criticism. I'm not perfect, nor have I or will I ever claim to be. I have been through Hell, I am a sinner among sinners, and it is only by God's grace, mercy, and love that I am redeemed. Anything personal please send to my email, as well as anything you'd like for me to look into.

“Everyone has a sob story, but it doesn’t make it an excuse.”
- The Wallflowers

*I know this is my posted in the "About Me" section. Who really reads those? 

Genesis 45:5-8 A True Comeback Story (Along with Some Personal Testimony)

I previously posted this in Dirty Girl Ministries, so sorry if you're a follower of my works from there as you've probably already read this. 
Often times it’s so easy to overlook the Old Testament. They become a section of the bible where God’s laws were rigid, and we tend to see them as just those stories taught to us when we were young.
I’ve been dealing with feeling hopeless, lost, and more alone than where I started. I recalled all those stories the old ladies in church told me. Turns out, they are more than just children’s stories. They are beautiful accounts of hardships, and the abundance of God’s love and mercy. If you are feeling alone, I hope what I’ve learned will reach you as well.
Pretty much everyone knows about Joseph. No, not that guy that married Mary. The other one. The one with the coat of many colors. He has his own musical, and even Dolly Parton has a song about him. If you’ve never heard of the story here’s some background info. Joseph had 12 brothers, and he happened to be his dad’s favorite. His brothers hated him. And if the gift of the coat of many colors weren’t enough to rub in his bros face, God gave Joseph dreams where his older brothers and father were bowing to him. Yep, little Joseph was the baby. To us who are the older siblings we can totally relate. I used to despise my baby sister. Imagine that with 11 others. Anywho, one day his older brothers sell him into slavery in Egypt and they tell their father he was attacked by a wild animal.
Joseph spent decades in Egypt, and in everything he did God was with him. While in prison, for no reason, he interprets a dream for Pharaoh. Pharaoh then makes Joseph second in power. Who doesn’t love a comeback story?
So Joseph, poor baby Joseph, has been sold into slavery by his own family, imprisoned over false accusations, and is now second in power in Egypt. Like, cheers for Joseph guys!
Turns out there’s a famine (insert dramatic music), and Joseph’s long lost brothers must come to Egypt and collect grain. They now before Joseph, who recognizes them, but they don’t him. Like omg, here it goes y’all. The climax. Joseph is the second most powerful man in Egypt, and now has the opportunity to give his brothers the revenge they deserve. Look at what he does instead:
“But do not be upset, and don’t be angry with yourselves for selling me to this place. It was God who sent me here ahead of you to preserve your lives! (Fast forward to v 8)…So it was God who sent me here, not you! And he is the one who has made me advisor to Pharoah—the manager of his entire palace and the governor of all of Egypt.” Genesis 45:5 and 8.
Okay, Joseph. You can’t really be telling us that God, the loving and merciful and just, meant for you to be and slave and prisoner? Like are you okay? Clearly Egypt has that wine we don’t. But that is what Joseph is saying!
God has control of everything! When we are going through our hardships, and we can’t see the end, and we feel like God has left us or that we have done something wrong to lose him…no! He is going to use that for something so beautiful! Joseph could have had his brothers killed, but he forgave them and gave Glory to God even for his hard times!
I know my post get lengthy so I thank you for those still here. You might think “oh but Dacey. I’m no Joseph. He was a BIBLE CHARACTER, of course God helped him. I’m not like that.” Friends, Joseph wasn’t just a character in a inspiring story. He was a real dude. He was like you and me.
Don’t believe me? Let me share this with you. If you’ve read my testimony you’ll know my dad is verbally abusive and I fell into my addictions because I had “daddy issues”. Typical white girl, I know. I’ve been struggling with mental issues and a few days I had a full mental break. Like went missing and completely lost it. I felt helpless. That night my dad texted me and told me how sorry he was for causing this and realized he was wrong. He told me loved me and told me how beautiful I am.
God used my suffering and mental break to change my dads heart. We have to cling to the cross and not the storm.  
If you’re like me and music speaks to you, listen to “Just Be Held” by Casting Crowns. He says “Your worlds not falling apart it’s falling into place”. God never leaves you, and we have to praise him even in the bad times. He will show us his plan in time. Trust him.
Remember, Jesus was nailed to a cross, beat, imprisoned, and hated for no reason. But it was for a huge purpose. We don’t always deserve the hurt, but God is in control.
Thanks for staying with me. I simply want to share my encouragement through my personal life.